Sunset Cruises

Sunset Cruise

    • Your Sunset Cruise will begin at Harbor North Marina in Huron, Ohio.
    • Arrive 30 minutes prior to departure time for a pre-boarding briefing. Although sailing is a safe sport, certain procedures must be followed by all on board.
    • Pack a picnic dinner, if desired, or bring what you want to drink.  Our boat has a full galley (kitchen) to keep your food cold or to warm it up. Bottled water is provided.
    • Don’t worry about having to stop for a bathroom break – our boat has 2 heads (bathrooms) for you to use.
    • Due to the nature of sailing and the variability of the winds, try not to plan on returning at a specific time. This would be a good day to “go with the flow” and accept what nature gives us.
    • Your boat will be provided with an experienced, licensed captain as well as additional crew. The maximum number of guests is 6.
    • Sunset Cruises are only offered Monday thru Thursday.
  • Confer with your captain to customize your sunset sailing adventure.

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